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Well, Saturday we went to Leather Pride Night in NYC. I volunteered to do a little security work, and that was every bit as much fun as you might imagine. They had an auction, sold a lot of whips, slings, leather pants and the rest of it. The auction is done mostly by Jo, who is an incredible human being and one of the most amusing people I have heard speak in a long time.

While I am talking about great people, let me mention Lenny, who runs the Hellfire Club in NYC, my twisted home away from home. If it looks tawdry [1][2][3], well, it is and I like it that way.

Not a bad time all things considered and most of the Estate folks were there.

I have to tell you, I haven’t seen that many leather boys in one place in a long time. I don’t mind so much, but sometimes you just have to laugh at how true the stereotypes can be sometimes. There was a lot of lisping to be heard 🙂

It costs $10 to get in, about $20 to park in the city and they were trying to clip us for $4 a drink for soda and more for alcohol. I say trying because a lot of people wound up going out to a deli and smuggling food and drink back in.

A well, that’s over with till next year.