A mixed bag – ouch! my stitches!

Before I forget, let me take a moment and point to a great rant/article
in Salon magazine about the recording industry. This thing is pretty
funny, and very informative.

In other news, I got crunched… hard. Basically, the technique
in question was this throw
followed by this hold down [1][2].
As you can see, if you follow those behind each other it is a very
cool thing – until your 230+ pound opponent lands on your ribs.
I screamed, though Kimiko
tells me it wasn’t like a girl. I don’t think I cracked anything
but it hurts a bit when I breathe and that is a bit annoying.

The new company website is online! It isn’t 100% done but
I am so proud of my team I am putting it here anyway. Go look at

That’s all for now.