Another long day – It’s all about the $$$

Money, money, money – that seems to be all I think about the last
few days. That and trying to get some sleep. I sent a letter off
tot he investor, rebuild the corporate site and we made a lot of
phone calls to other sources of capital.

It looks like what we really need is someone who wants to "incubate"
us. The folks over at Idealab
are highly recommenced, so we are going to try and beat the executive
summary into shape again and get it to them A.S.A.P.

In other news, there is a letter circulating in the BDSM mailing
lists supposedly addressed to "Dr. Laura" the radio host.
Personally, I don’t have any idea what the problem is. Ah well,
more later as it happens.

Got a chance to take some pictures last night, that helps a lot
as pretty
tend to distract me from my troubles. Of course, the pretty
girls I live
are probably why I am so optimistic most of the time.

Shout out: thanks go to Cailin for the incredibly nice introduction
she wrote for me on the Dominion
mailing list. It was touching, and I don;t have any idea how to
say "thanks" 🙂 See, Cailin and I generally pretend not
to like each other – so these moments of genuine friendship are
kinda awkward 🙂 Anyway, hopefully some nice monkey will read this
and point her at the URL.

NOTE: Why the hell doesn’t the Dreamweaver
spell checker not have "URL" in it’s dictionary?