Some hand wringing by the usual insanity cabal over the “sport corset“. It’s must be amazing to live in this mindset… it might as well be aliens or the Illuminatti for all the reality their paranoia of a globe and history spannign conspiracy has.

It’s no accident that the empowerful woman has stepped into the void left by the absence of any actual, fully-realized women. She was invented for precisely that purpose by the global corporatocracy, without whose tireless sponsorship of consumer feminine consciousness real-life women might have no clue how ugly and unfeminine they are. Femininity—that set of self-absorbed, self-defeating behaviors required of women by the dominant culture to ensure a ready-steady supply of submissive sexbot availability—is central to the empowerful woman narrative. Because there was never so hideous an abomination as a woman who can’t prove, through word, deed, and sportcorset, that she has successfully internalized the patriarchal message and is conversant in fulfilling male fantasy.

Source: Sports, Corsetry, and the Empowerful Woman at I Blame The Patriarchy

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