I  really enjoy being part of TES. Hell, in the last few years I have even begun to see some portion of as a place I might feel a sense of community. This feeling emerged over long nights of staying awake to make sure that members of this organization could play and live safely – if only for a few days. I grew fond of my flock, even as I watched over them.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that for the last few years TES has been civil. TES has been pretty accepting. TES has been free from the sounds of roving bands of witch hunters trying to make their personal issues into political ones.

Anyone remember the old days when TES members who couldn’t get along tried every dirty trick Roberts Rules of Order allowed them to try? When they attempted to use the TES organization as their personal spanking paddle to dole out 40 whacks to anyone who made a pass at them, dumped them or pissed them off? I remember it – it was stupid, it was ugly and it was wasteful.

Well the good old days are back, now in new “sexual predator” flavor!

A lovely accusation “predator” is – because we live in an age where to dispute such a claim or to require any evidence or even to have our own opinion makes us evil. When the label “predator” is dragged out and slapped on we are all supposed to just agree and / or act as if it is real because we don’t want to hurt the feelings of the accuser.

It gets even better. We now live in an age where people feel so entitled (to what I am not sure, but they seem very sure of it) that anyone who even makes them feel uncomfortable is now a threat. They are sick, demented, mentally challenged or a (say it with me) predator.

The BDSM community adds it’s own special brand of insanity on top of this of course. We always do 🙂

TES is having an election soon. One of the candidates seems to have annoyed the bejesus out of a small but vocal minority. They tend to use the word “predator” a lot in true new century fashion with a lot of vague accusations, references to “others who feel the same way” and anger at anyone who dares tell them that their opinion are opinions and not facts.

They are so convinced that their personal issues are supposed to be gospel for the rest of the organization that some of them are planning an attempt to subvert or manipulate the organization, the election process or the bylaws to make sure the election goes their way – no matter what the actual electorate may want.

It’s really rather sad.

Of course before they can try and invalidate the election choice of the membership 007 would have to get elected. To prevent that from happening they are screaming at the top of their lungs about it. It is interesting to note that a group so vocal and passionate on the topic didn’t find the courage to raise the issue at the candidate discussion / debate meeting. Nor have any of them actually filed a formal complain to the organization.  Let’s leave that aside for now and look at the major points being so loudly proclaimed.

“He would be a bad representative for TES” it is claimed. This is in my opinion bullshit. The simple reality is that he already IS a representative of TES and has been for a while now. Further as my Vice Chair for security at TES Fest ’06 007 had a highly visible position both within and without our organization. He represented TES to a huge volunteer staff many of whom were new to TES as well as representatives of the venue itself and no doubt all 1000 attendees passed him by several times in that weekend. By all accounts TES Fest was a event that represented TES in a fantastic light.

“He is a safety problem” it is also claimed. I will say bullshit on this one as well. 007 was the vice chair of security for TES Fest ’06. Many of the people complaining about him worked and played for an entire weekend under a umbrella that he was a large part of providing. TES Fest ’06 was safe and happy. Their is absolutely no indication that the security team was partially run by a “predator” who it is claimed has no ability to control his actions or his depraved lust.

I take my security duties extremely seriously. The security of those who trusted me to run that department at TES Fest was never out out of my mind. I would not tolerate improper conduct by any of my people… and there was none.

Look… it seems like there are people who don’t feel 007 would be a good member of the board. I encourage them to vote for other candidates. Lobby for other candidates. Make maximum use of the election process.

What I do ask is this – when the election is done, if he is elected then you accept the will of the membership. You have your opinion, others have theirs. if they feel that they want 007 on the board it would be wrong of you to try and manipulate the system to shove your own prejudices down the throats of everyone else.

This is what elections are for!

Let the process happen, and respect the results. It shouldn’t be necessary for anyone to have to ask TES members not to pervert the election process or manipulate the results.

I have no interest in going back to the days of personal vendettas, slander and dirty politics.