No more?

There is a BBC article with the provocative headline that blondes are to “die out in 200 years“. Obviously this is an issue of some concern for a few of us because, well, a lot of blondes are just plain hot!

The cause of this possible disaster? The speculation is that since carrying blonde hair into adulthood is a recessive genetic trait that there may not be enough people with it any more to continue the line.

It is clear that some portion of the human male population prefers blonde partners. The colour is traditionally in demand. One reason for this is that in many groups hair darkens with age… a head of blonde hair is a marker for youth and youth is good from a reproductive standpoint. For the vast majority of human history then having blonde hair into adulthood was a distinct advantage and you would procreate.

Thanks to modern technology “bottle blondes” are reaping the benefits, and in many cases the artificial blonde has a colour and consistency that a “natural” blonde may not be able to match. In other words, ‘fake’ blondes are getting the action that used to go to the natural blondes and the genetic line is suffering.

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This may also be happening in other areas. Breast size and overall fitness for instance. As more and more people write attraction checks their genetics cannot cash we may see an overall loss of some very desirable traits. Whereas, for instance, having a gene for obesity would have been a disadvantage in ones chances to breed now liposuction and stomach surgery can allow you to look like someone with better genetics… and ‘steal’ a man who would otherwise not have mated with you.

The end result? An overall lowering of the pressure in the human genome that favoured the fit and healthy. Problematic to be sure!

What can you do about it? Whenever possible and you have a choice procreate with the best genetics you can find. It is your duty to find the hottest natural blond you can, with the most fit body you can get your hands on. A girl who did it the old fashioned way, by being young (but legal!) and healthy, working out and eating well. Procreate hard and often bothers!

ed. note: Lesbians you can help. Is your girl hot, naturally fit and blonde? Artificial insemination is good. Make sure to genetically screen your donor, then have a baby! You have a stake in this too… the more hot blonde women with good bodies to go around the better.