Intel Inside!

According to this announcement by Apple they are moving from the IBM PowerPC to the Intel line of processors. This is a major change in the industry and will bring Apple into direct conflict with Microsoft. This has been planned for a while…

“Mr. Jobs said Apple has been working on a Intel-ready version of Mac OS X for the last five years and said, “I can confirm the rumors that every release of Mac OS X has been compiled for PowerPC and Intel.” – quote in context

And while in the end Apple may only ship 64 bit Intel chips in it’s computers, OSX apparently runs just fine on x86 architectures.

“Mr. Jobs demonstrated a version of Mac OS X running on a 3.6GHz Pentium 4 system. He showed version 10.4.1 of Max OS X running Apple Mail, Safari, iPhoto, Spotlight and a variety of Dashboard widgets.” – quote in context

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