I should be @ work – and I’m leaving soon, honest!

Well, I got up relaxed now that the proposal is off to Client Y. It is out of my
hands now for a little while. I have to tell you that it made me nervous as hell
to send it off. The final total is a big number, especially for us. Now, our
time working with Client X has shown us that we are good, really good and that
these companies that get the "big money" aren’t really so special – I mean, they
had to hire us anyway to do the tough stuff right?

So I am really sure we can do this, and I am looking forward to kicking ass
on it. If we get this contract and nail it we will be set – it will be a
portfolio piece like you wouldn’t believe and will lead to bunches more work. 
However it was odd scheduling something in so much detail (we are learning from
past events here) and to actually schedule for a 6-8 hour day with weekends off.

Weekends off? Me? Well, not really off of course, we still have a game demo
to develop, Client X to deal with and all our personal stuff to handle… but
you know what I mean.

In other news, as I cruised around on

I came across some links worth looking at.

I myself am partial to

sport bikes
but Tatsumi has a love of those big

style bikes.

is obviously a brand that comes to mind often but I don’t think I
could be happy with

, even though they do have some

innovative machines
these days. I do think that

big bike from

might do it, or this

. While I am no

rice boy
, I personally have a love for

extremely fast
bikes, and the just don’t come any better than something that

rip my helmet off

sidenote: While researching the above entries I came across

… no comment.

Speaking of Japanese things, Kimiko is currently dabbling with learning this
lovely little way to communicate. A quick search shows another opinion of the

"The bottom line is
that Politeness Levels are completely beyond your understanding, so don’t
even try. Just resign yourself to talking like a little girl for the rest
of your life and hope to God that no one beats you up." –

more optimism

Gotta run now, and by the way